Insurance company record profits

Insurers are reporting record profits, but they still want more.

NS insurers have lobbied the Government to reduce your insurance coverage to increase their profits.

Auto insurers make record profits

Despite this dramatic increase in profits, insurers are lobbying the government to cut your insurance benefits. They say this is needed to reduce insurance premiums. Have you ever received a reduced premium?

Families losing money


(Profit after claims and adjusting expenses)


$100 million profit in 2019


$248 million profit in 2020


$249 million profit in 2021
Nova Scotia auto insurers profits have increased 150% since 2019

Reality Snapshot

+ 0 %

Increase in Nova Scotia
car insurance profits since 2019

+$ 0 million
Gross profit of Nova Scotia automobile insurers in 2021
- 0 %
Reduction in damage award proposed by insurer
+ 0 %
Increase in people permanently
working from home, meaning less accidents

Stop the Government from reducing your insurance benefits.

Be a check and balance against the insurance lobby.

You deserve to be treated fairly by your insurance company. Here’s what you can do to try to stop the Government from watering down your benefits to increase insurance company profits.

Know the facts

Be informed about the proposed changes to auto insurance and what they really mean to the insurance industry (more $$), Nova Scotian drivers (less benefits) and accident victims (less help).

Contact decision makers in Government

Tell them these proposed changes are not necessary, that the insurance companies are profitable, and there is no reason to reduce benefits.

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FAIRNS is a coalition of Nova Scotian drivers who are considering the proposed auto insurance reform. Led by Megan Coffin, a car accident injury victim who would have her rights reduced by the proposed reform, FAIRNS seeks to educate the public about the true state of the auto insurance market in Nova Scotia and the consequences to injury victims.

Joining FAIRNS means you will be counted amongst the individuals and organizations that want fair and reasonable auto insurance regulation in Nova Scotia. We don’t want the current proposed changes put in place. We do want improved benefits and protections for accident victims.

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Megan's family was hit head-on by an impaired driver.

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