Going forward

A better way

The current system is not perfect. Nova Scotians are struggling every day to access the current benefits that are supposed to be available to them, or deal with the restrictions already in place. We should be demanding a better deal for Nova Scotians, not supporting more cuts and even bigger corporate profits.

Did you know?

  • The current MAXIMUM income replacement your insurance will cover after an accident is $250 per week.
  • Insurance companies only have to respond to you every 30 days. This means if you request a treatment, it can take 30 days for a response asking you for more information. You provide the information, they have 30 days to review it. People are getting their treatment stuck in a merry-go-round of delays.
  • There is no increased treatment fund for catastrophic injury. In some provinces, you can access a catastrophic injury treatment fund of 1 to 2 million dollars. In Nova Scotia, you could be a paraplegic and the most you will receive is $50,000 for treatment from your accident benefits.
  • Some provinces don’t even have a minor injury cap.
  • Serious injuries already fall within the cap. The Courts have found that includes whiplash injuries resulting in several months off work; torn rotator cuffs requiring surgical repair; whiplash so severe you have to give up activities that you love just to make sure you can keep showing up to work; torn ACL ligaments; sleep interrupted by pain and discomfort; and many more.

What would be fair for Nova Scotians?

  • Increase the maximum income replacement to a livable amount
  • Require insurers to respond about benefits within 5 business days
  • Add catastrophic injury coverage for the most injured accident victims
  • Reduce or remove the impact of the cap on Nova Scotians